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The studio uses the finest audio equipment available. We are especially proud of our microphone collection, which is the largest in the region. All of our equipment is always in the highest possible working order including our vintage tube and ribbon microphones, some of which are over 60 years old! If you donít see a piece of equipment you need for your session we can rent it through our many sources.
Equipment TypeModel # and Description
Tube Microphone(2)Neumann SM69 Stereo Mic's w/PS+SM
Tube MicrophoneNeumann SM23 Stereo Mic w/PS+SM
Tube MicrophoneNeumann SM2 Stereo Mic w/PS+SM
Tube Microphone(2) Neumann U47 Mics w/PS+SM
Tube Microphone Neumann M49 Mic w/PS+SM
Tube Microphone Neumann 147 Mic w/PS+SM
Tube Microphone(2) Neumann M149 Mic w/PS+SM
Tube MicrophoneLawson M47 Tube Mic w/PS+SM
Tube MicrophoneBlue Bottle Mic with B6,B7 capsules
Tube MicrophoneBlue Bottle Mic with B6 capsules
Tube Microphone(2)Blue Cactus Multipattern Tube Mic's
Tube Microphone(2)Schoeps 221b Mic w/PS+SM
Tube Microphone(2) Neumann KM56 Mic w/PS+SM
Tube MicrophoneAKG C24 Stereo Mic w/PS+SM
Tube Microphone(2)AKG C12B mic's w/PS+SM
Tube MicrophoneAKG C12-VR w/PS+SM
Tube Microphone Soundelux E49 Mic w/PS+SM
Microphone Neumann U47 fet
MicrophoneNeumann SM69fet Stereo Mic w/SM
Microphone PML ST-8 Stereo Mic
Microphone(2) Neumann TLM193 Mics w/SM
Microphone(2) Neumann KM86i Mics
Microphone(2) Neumann KM184 Mics
Microphone(3) Neumann KM185 Mics
Microphone(2) Neumann KM140 Mics
Microphone(2) Neumann TLM170 Mics special jubilee edition
Microphone(2) Neumann U87ai Mics special gold edition
Microphone(2) B&K 4012 Mics
Microphone(2) B&K 4003 Mics
Microphone(2) B&K 4011 Mics
Microphone B&K 4007 Mic
Microphone(2) Earthworks QTC1 Omni Mics
Microphone(2) AKG 480B Mics with CK 62 Omni Caps
MicrophoneSoundelux Ifet7 Mic
Microphone(7) Sennheiser MKH40 Mic's
Microphone(2) Sennheiser MKH20 Mic's
Microphone(6)Sennheiser MKH80 Mic's
Microphone(4) Scheops MK41/CMC6 Microphones
Ribbon Microphone(4) Royer 121 Ribbon Mics-matched pairs
Ribbon Microphone (3) AEA R44C Ribbon Mics
Ribbon Microphone RCA DX77 Ribbon Mic
Ribbon MicrophoneRCA 100001 KU-3A Ribbon Mic
Microphone(4) AKG 460B Mics w/Ck61 capsule
Microphones(5) AKG 451 Mics
Microphone(2) Beyer MC740 Mics w/SM
Microphone(2) Microtech Gefell UM70S Mics w/SM
Microphone(2) Sennheiser MD421 Mics
MicrophoneElectroVoice PL20 Mic w/SM
MicrophoneShure Beta 52 Mic
MicrophoneAKG D12E Mic
Microphone(4) Sennheiser 409 U3 Mics
MicrophoneShure Sm58 mic
Microphone(3)Shure Sm57 mics
MicrophoneBeyer M69N Mic
Microphone(2) Audio Technica 4033 mics w/SM
Microphone(2)Countryman EM101 Mics
MicrophoneShure VP-88 Stereo Mic
Studio Equipment
Equipment TypeModel # and Description
ConsoleYamaha DM2000 Digital Console/meter bridge
Digital Recorder(2)IZ Radar 24 Track with S-Nyquist Converters capable of 48 tracks of 24bit/48khz, 24 tracks of 24bit/96Khz or 12 tracks of 24bit/192khz
Digital MDM(4)Tascam DA-78 24 bit Digital 8-track
Digital MDM(6)Tascam DA-88/38 Digital 8-track
Digital ConverterApogee PSX-100
Digital ConverterApogee AD-16
Digital ConverterLucid AD 9624
Digital ConverterLucid DA 9624
Format ConverterIZ UFC 24
Dat RecorderTascam DA-30mk2 DAT Recorder
Dat RecorderTeac DAP20 Portable DAT Recorder
CD RecorderHHB CDR-800 CD Recorder
Cassette RecorderYamaha KX 630
Video CameraCanon XL1S Video Camera with 16IIS and Wide Angle lenses
Video RecorderSony DVR 30 Digital VCR
Video RecorderPanasonic AG-DS555P Pro VCR
Analog MachineOtari MTR 12 1/2" 2-track Mastering
Effects Processor(2)Sony DRE-777PAC Sampling Reverbs with complete libraries and sampling software
Effects Processor(2) Lexicon PCM 90 Reverb unit
Effects Processor(2) Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb Unit
Effects ProcessorTC Electronics M5000
Effects ProcessorEventide DSP4000 Ultra Harmonizer
Effects ProcessorEchoplate III Plate reverb
Compressor(2) Demeter VTCL 2 Stereo Compressor
Compressor(2) Emperical Labs EL8 Distressor
Compressor Emperical Labs EL7 Fatso Compressor
CompressorAudio Technologies StereoTube Comp.
CompressorCrane Song STC-8 Stereo Tube Comp.
CompressorManley Variable MU Stereo Tube Comp.
CompressorTL Audio Stereo Compressor/Preamp
CompressorTC Electronics Finalizer
CompressorTC Electronics Gold Channel
EqualizerManley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ
Equalizer (2)Focusrite ISA 110 Preamps/EQ's
EqualizerNTI EQ3
EqualizerWhite 4700 EQ
EqualizerMillenia NSEQ 2 Tube/fet EQ
ProcessorAphex Aural Exciter TypeIII model 250
ProcessorBBE Sonic Maximizer 822A
Patchbay4 ADC 144pt TT patchbays-wired with mogami cable
PatchbayZ systems 32 ch. Digital Patchbay with computer interface
Vocal Channel Focusrite ISA 430 Producer Pack
Vocal ChannelManley Vox Box
Mic Preamp D.W.Fearn Stereo Preamp
Mic Preamp (2)Great River MP-2NV Stereo Preamps
Mic Preamp(2)Millenia Media HV-3 Stereo Preamp
Mic PreampAudio Technologies StereoTube Pre.
Mic PreampNTI PreQ3 4 channel Preamp
Mic PreampATI 8MX2 8 channel Preamp
Mic PreampAPI 3124+ 4 channel Preamp
Mic Preamp(2)ATI 16MX2 8 channel Preamp
Mic Preamp(2) Avalon 737 SP Preamp
Mic PreampGrace Model 801 Mic Pre (8 Preamps)
TubeDirect BoxManley mono Tube DI
TubeDirect BoxDemeter Mono Tube DI
TubeDirect BoxDemeter VTBP-201 Tube Bass Preamp
Studio Monitors(3) Quested VS2205 Active Monitors
Studio Monitors1 Quested VS 12 subwoofer
Studio Monitors(2) Genelec 1030A Active Monitors
Studio Monitors(2) Genelec 1029 Active Monitors
Studio Monitors(2) Tannoy SP1200 Monitors
Studio Monitors(2) Alesis monitor 2 Monitors
Studio Monitors(2) Alesis monitor 1 Monitors
Studio Monitors(2) Audix 1A Monitors
Studio Headphones(15) Sony V600
Studio Headphones(2) Stax Lamda Signature Electrostatic
Studio Headphones(2) Sennheiser HD600
Studio HeadphonesSennheiser HD580
Studio HeadphonesGrado RS-1
Studio HeadphonesAKG K240
Studio HeadphonesAKG K1000
Headphone AmplifierGrace 901 headphone amp
Headphone AmplifierGrado Headphone amp
Video Monitor50" Panasonic Plasma Video Monitor
Video Monitor42" Fujitsu Plasma Video Monitor
AmplifierHalfler 9505 Diablo Poweramp
Power SystemEquitech Balanced Power System

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