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Studio Pricing
Our normal hourly rate is $100.00 per hour, which includes the use of the studio and an engineer. This is the rate for tracking, mixing, editing and mastering. There is no charge for basic set up of equipment and in most cases we will already be set up when you arrive for your session. However for larger full group set-ups there will be a fee of 50.00 per hour.

Other Costs
Instrument or equipment rental:
If there is a piece of equipment or instrument that you need for a session and we do not have it on the premises we can rent it for you. This would include special tape machines, musical instruments, microphones, etc. The client is responsible for the rental fee.

Piano Tuning and voicing costs:
Our piano is an extraordinary instrument and is very stable thanks to a special damp-chaser system we have installed. The piano is maintained and tuned on a regular basis by a qualified piano tuners guild technician. However some clients wish to have the piano tuned the day of their session (which we recommend) so that it is perfect. The cost for this tuning is $120.00. If you wish to have a technician at your session this can be arranged for a nominal fee. Since the piano is used for such a wide range of music, (jazz, folk, rock, gospel, classical) we usually will not let the instrument be re-voiced for an individual session. If however the client insists on re-voicing they will be responsible for the cost of the work, which will be performed by our technician. They will also be responsible for the cost of returning the piano to its previous voicing state.

Tape Cost
Thanks to hard disk recording tape cost for a session is no longer an issue. Where once the tape cost for a 2 analog recording could run into the thousands of dollars most our clients end up paying about $75 for an entire project.Since our Radar recording system is hard disk based clients have the option of purchasing either the entire removable hard drive (which runs about $75.00 for an 80 gig drive) or they can purchase backups of their session on DVD which is much cheaper. The cost for backup is $50 per hour plus the cost of the DVD media.

Location Recording (Acoustic Mobility)
Since we are bringing equipment to a site for location recording these services are slightly higher in cost. Digital Multi-track live recording (more than two tracks) is $150 per hour while live to 2-track is $110.00 per hour. There is a charge for setup and breakdown, which is $50.00 per hr.

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