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The Facility and Its Equipment Clients will have their choice between three recording areas, a 17' x 32' x 8' room with isolation booths (great for Rock, Folk and Jazz), a 24' x 32' x 13' room for large ensemble and live drum recording and a 24' x 19' room with an angled 11.5 foot ceiling,which works great for horn sections and small choirs. Musicians can also use all of the rooms and isolation booths at the same time with the aid of a built in video monitoring system.

Our headphone monitoring system is second to none, featuring six independent stations with individual eight channel mixers enabling the client to get their own "perfect" mix. The recording equipment is also first class and includes the new DM2000, Yamaha's flagship digital mixing console which is capable of mixing 96 channels of 24 bit digital audio at 96khz. Our digital recorders include the high resolution IZ Radar(48 tracks with S-Nyquist converters) and 48 tracks of 24 bit Tascam DA 78. Other equipment includes Quested, Genelec and Tannoy monitors; vintage tube and modern microphones by Neumann, AKG, Blue, Microtec-Geffel, Sennhieser; and effects processing with state of the art Lexicon, T.C., Eventide and Sony products. The studio is wired with Mogomi and Monster cable.

Clients will also have their choice of preamps, equalizers and compressors made by Millennia Media, Manley, Demeter, Grace, Avalon,Great River, focusrite and Cranesong. Digital Conversion is performed with Apogee converters and an Otari analog recorder is on hand for those preferring to record to analog tape.

A variety of fantastic acoustic instruments are always available including a hand-picked Kawai 7'5" grand piano and drum sets by Sonor GMS, Yamaha, and Tama. A Musser Vibraphone, a Marimba One five octave marimba and literally hundreds of other ethnic percussion instruments are also available.

This is a portion of the large room of the studio.

This is the small room of the studio.

This is another angle of the small room.

This is the control room.


Building the Theatre

Concrete had to be pumped about 150 feet. Pretty cool!

Pouring slab #1 for the theatre. This guy needs some Metamucil...

Before pouring slab #2 for the workshop...

Getting up the walls...

The double framing and wiring process.

Framed in.

Here is Tim -- my high tech HVAC guy.

Always have your students do the hard work.

FINISHED! Ray Codrington in the Theatre.

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